How We Work

Begin your journey with us through a personalised online style session. Our experts will work with you to identify your unique skin tone, body shape, style, personality, and lifestyle. This initial step is crucial in helping us design a bespoke collection of clothing that is distinctly you. We will create a plan that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle and natural style, ensuring that the right pieces arrive at the right time, tailored specifically for you.

Your Appointment

Once we understand your style needs, we’ll take your measurements and finalise your fabrics and designs at a location of your convenience. Choose from our personal design room on the prestigious Savile Row, your office, or our cosy design home in Hertfordshire. This step ensures that every piece of clothing is crafted to fit you perfectly.

Your Personal Designs

Within 6-8 weeks, we’ll present you with your first range of custom-tailored pieces. This is where you get to see the culmination of our efforts and your style come to life. We ensure each piece is tailored to perfection.

Ongoing Delivery Throughout the Year

Beyond the first delivery, we’ve got your style needs covered throughout the year. We will deliver your scheduled and pre-agreed pieces at set times of the year. This ensures that you are always prepared for any occasion and remain effortlessly stylish, no matter the season.




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