About OUR FOUNDER Alexandra (aka Weather researcher / Supermodel)

In a world where the reflection in the mirror often feels like a mismatch with the images we idolise in magazines and on screens, my journey as a 6ft 1 teenager stood as a towering testament to the struggle of fitting in—literally and metaphorically. Towering above my peers, I was a beacon for unsolicited weather forecasts, a lighthouse in a sea of sameness. The comments ranged from awe-stricken compliments on my height and elegance to alienating jests that left me feeling like an outsider in my own skin. The duality of admiration and isolation was a constant battle, with each side pulling at the threads of my self-esteem. In a quest to clothe my elongated frame, I found solace in the men’s section of Levi’s, where jeans hung loosely, not by fashion but by necessity. The hunt for something that fit wasn’t just challenging—it was a reminder of how far removed I felt from the conventional standards of beauty and style. Long Tall Sally became a refuge of sorts, a place where clothes might fit but seldom flattered. The dated styles, far from the trendy looks adorning my peers, were a stark, hideous reminder of my difference. The irony of it all lay in the yearning—me, wishing to shrink into the molds of those around me, while they looked up to me, quite literally, wishing for just a few inches of my height. We are all caught in an endless cycle of longing, wishing to embody traits that were not our own, overlooking the beauty in our unique differences. It was from these experiences of discomfort and self-doubt, that the inspiration for CC was born. I envisioned a brand that would not just cater to the tall and the short, the slim and the curvy, but one that would celebrate the beauty in our differences. A brand that would empower us to embrace our true, authentic selves, to break free from the chains of comparison and the shackles of societal standards.


C’Couture (AKA CC) is more than just clothing; it's a declaration that every woman is fabulous, just as she is. It's a call to action to say "yes" to authenticity, to diversity, and to self-love. In a world that often tells us we need to be different to be beautiful, this brand stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us that true beauty lies in embracing and celebrating our unique selves.


We all wish we looked like someone else at some point in our lives. But through this brand, I hope to inspire a movement of acceptance and confidence. Let's redefine beauty on our own terms, let's dress in our confidence and wear our differences with pride. Because when we start to see the beauty in our uniqueness, we unlock the power to be truly fabulous women.


At C'Couture (CC), we're transforming women's fashion by harnessing the power of tailoring while deeply considering your skin tone, body shape, personality, and intrinsic self-worth. We understand that fashion goes beyond mere clothing; it's a reflection of who you are and how you perceive yourself. By integrating meticulous tailoring with a comprehensive understanding of individuality, we inspire women to embrace their true essence with confidence, reshaping the landscape of personal style in the fashion industry.

OUR origins

At C’Couture we're revolutionising the world of women's luxury tailoring with a blend of elegance, empowerment, and ease. Born from the renowned expertise of Savile Row's first female tailor Alexandra Wood, C'Couture is a response to the voices of women who seek the same exceptional level of service and personalised tailoring that has become a hallmark of the Alexandra Wood brand. Founded on the principles of exceptional quality and unparalleled service, C'Couture emerged from a passion for the art of tailoring. Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision: to transform traditional tailoring into an experience that is uniquely personal, deeply immersive, inclusive and fun!


Our Exclusive Style Sessions serve as the foundation of our design philosophy. Our personalised approach commences by gaining a deep understanding of you—your preferences, lifestyle, and aspirations. Through a one-on-one consultation, we delve into details such as your skin tone, body shape, and style personality. This enables us to craft an exceptionally inspiring and exclusive tailoring collection that caters to you, regardless of your age, skin colour, or profession. Each creation is as unique as the individual they are designed for. And should you choose not to avail our tailoring services, you'll still receive a clear guide that empowers you to shop with utmost confidence and delight.


Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a commitment. We understand the importance of environmentally friendly practices in fashion. Our approach to sustainability involves mindful sourcing, ethical production, and creating timeless pieces that transcend fleeting trends, reducing the need for constant consumption. 80% of women's wardrobes are left unworn, let us make you fall in love with your own, authentic style.

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