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Welcome to the transformative experience where your wardrobe becomes the foundation of your empowerment. Our unique style system is crafted to elevate your look and boost your confidence by finding clothes that are a perfect match for you. In just a fun, engaging 30-minute session, we assist you in discovering the ideal colours for your skin tone, the right styles for your body shape, and the perfect designs that reflect your personal style and lifestyle. This journey is more than just about looking good; it's about investing in your self-confidence and embracing your authentic style, ensuring that every outfit is a testament to who you are. Experience style success that not only has a significant impact but is also a smart investment in yourself, as featured in The Times.

our unique style system

Our distinct approach to style guarantees that every piece we design is a perfect match for you, tailored to suit your unique lifestyle and personality. This ensures that each creation is not just clothing, but a reflection of your individuality. Additionally, our process provides you with a valuable lifelong resource, a guide to your personal style that will continue to enhance your wardrobe choices, making it an invaluable asset for years to come.

Discover your skin tone

Understanding what colours suit your skin tone is a cornerstone of making great style decisions. It's a transformative knowledge that enhances your overall appearance by bringing out your natural beauty and radiance. The right colours can make your complexion appear more even and vibrant, while the wrong ones can leave you looking tired or washed out. This understanding not only boosts your self-confidence but also simplifies your wardrobe choices, making it easier to mix and match pieces effortlessly. It streamlines the shopping process, helping you quickly identify which clothing items will look best on you, ultimately saving you money and preventing fashion missteps. Moreover, your colour choices can influence how others perceive you, making it a key factor in creating lasting first impressions in both personal and professional interactions. Finally, your preferred color palette can become a defining element of your personal style, setting you apart and making your style choices uniquely yours.

discover your body shape

Understanding your body shape and what suits you is undeniably transformative. It instills a newfound sense of confidence as clothes tailored to your body's unique contours enhance self-esteem. This knowledge is a valuable time-saver, streamlining both shopping and styling processes while ensuring that you always appear balanced and visually appealing. Personal style flourishes as clothing choices align perfectly with your physique, ensuring you consistently look your best. It seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle, offering adaptability and comfort, and makes lasting positive impressions on others. Moreover, this understanding becomes a financial safeguard by preventing costly fashion mistakes. Embracing your body shape contributes to sustainability by encouraging a longer lifespan for the clothes you cherish. In essence, it empowers you to radiate confidence and authenticity, simplifies your style choices, and elevates your everyday presence.

discover your style personality

At our core, we believe that style is a deeply personal expression of who you are. Our process is designed to unearth your true style personality by carefully considering three essential elements: your unique personality traits, your natural style inclinations, and your lifestyle. We delve into your personality to understand what makes you tick, what resonates with you, and what makes you feel most comfortable and confident. Your natural style, the way you gravitate towards certain colors, patterns, and textures, provides valuable insights into your authentic style preferences. Finally, we take a close look at your lifestyle because your daily routines, activities, and commitments play a crucial role in shaping your ideal wardrobe. By combining these elements, we define a style personality that is uniquely and unmistakably YOU. It's a process that ensures your wardrobe is a true reflection of your identity, making getting dressed each day a joyous expression of who you are.

Be Seen The Way You Deserve




Our 30 minute online style sessions are ideal for busy professional women, providing flexibility, time efficiency, and accessibility without sacrificing personalised attention. With the expertise of professionals and data gathered from questions, we can swiftly identify skin tone, body shape, and style personality. This approach offers convenience, confidentiality, and efficient results, catering to the needs of modern women juggling demanding schedules while seeking expert guidance in skincare, fashion, and personal styling.

What happens during the online session?

Initially, you'll be sent a set of questions to understand your style preferences, lifestyle, and fashion goals. Based on your responses, our stylists will create a personalised lookbook. This look book includes recommendations on the best colours to suit your skin tone, the best styles that suit your body shape, and designs that reflect your personality alongside a personalised moodboard to inspire your daily style choices.


Our online style sessions are £275 for one specific area. For example, if you’re looking to master your professional image and personal style brand we will design your look book around these specific requirements. Further areas such as weekend looks will be at an additional £275. 



The CC look book serves as a comprehensive style guide, showcasing clothing choices and combinations that flatter your body shape, suit your skin tone, and align with your personal tastes. It is a visual representation of your ideal wardrobe, showcasing both made to measure tailoring we can make for you and items we are able to source for you. Each look book is tailored to make you look your absolute best. 

Our trained personal stylists analyse your responses to craft a bespoke style report and personal lookbook that resonates with your personal style. They consider various factors like body shape, skin tone, preferred colours, style personality and lifestyle to provide tailored fashion advice that’s fun, informative and easily implementable.

While the session is virtual, women’s tailoring principles are integral to our recommendations. We suggest styles and cuts that would best fit and flatter your body, akin to bespoke tailoring. We will also advise on the styles of tops and accessories to wear for your body shape that also fall outside of tailoring.

Booking is simple, click on the link and you’ll be sent to a booking form, once your booking is confirmed you’ll be sent a payment link prior to your session along with the questions we’ll need you to fill in. 

While the essence of personal styling remains the same, an online session offers greater flexibility and convenience. It allows you to receive expert fashion advice without the need to travel. The use of expert advice and communications also speeds up the process, making it a time-efficient solution. Our stylists are trained to an entirely new level which means they can rapidly identify your skin tone, body shape and style personality in order to also come up with styles you’ll love. There are no robots or crummy guess work, this is about tuning to you to create a style for you that’s truly authentic. 

Prior to the session, we will send you a list of questions which capture all we need to understand your needs and desires from where you’re looking for most help, to parts of your body you do and don’t like to show and any frustrations you’ve encountered when it comes to clothes. Our aim is to make it as fun and simple as possible to achieve quick results. We encourage you to share all that you wish to with us, so that we can create you something truly special and empowering. Reflecting on your lifestyle and personal tastes will also help in creating a more personalised lookbook.


  1. How do I book an online couture style session?

Booking is simple, click on the link and you’ll be sent to a booking form, once your booking is confirmed you’ll be sent a payment link prior to your session along with the questions we’ll need you to fill in. 

Clear communication is key. Be as detailed as possible when answering the initial questionnaire. Share your likes, dislikes, and any specific requirements or concerns you have about your wardrobe. Photos of styles you admire or items you own can also be helpful and a headshot and full length photo of you would be super helpful.

Absolutely. We maintain strict confidentiality of all personal information and style preferences shared during the session. We deal with many high profile clients and theirs and your privacy and trust are paramount to us.

Being open and honest about your style preferences, body shape concerns, and lifestyle needs will help us tailor the session to your exact requirements. Also, being receptive to new ideas and suggestions from our stylists can lead to discovering great style choices you may not have considered before. We want to help you to subtly transform and for that it takes open mindedness and trust. We’re here to support you on your style development journey, with no judgement just excitement for being seen the way you deserve. 

The finalised lookbook will be sent to you digitally. You can access it anytime on your preferred device, making it a convenient reference for your future shopping and styling needs.

This is not a one-size-fits-all service. Each look book is exclusively designed for you, taking into account your individual style preferences, body shape, lifestyle, and personality. Our goal is to create a personalised fashion guide that reflects your unique self.

The lookbook serves two main purposes. Firstly, it can be your ongoing shopping guide, helping you make informed choices when purchasing new items so that you immediately rule out the colours, styles and design that doesn’t suit you and navigate to those that will. Secondly, it can be used to order custom designs directly from us. The look book is tailored to suggest styles and designs that we can create for you.

It usually takes between 1-2 weeks due to the bespoke nature of our lookbooks. You’ll receive it digitally by email. 

Yes, if you choose to order any designs from us based on your lookbook recommendations, we will deduct the cost of the online couture style session from your first order. This makes the process not only stylistically rewarding but also cost-effective.

Yes, we offer a specialised service where we collaborate with top industry stylists to source alternate pieces to those we’ve recommended in your lookbook. This bespoke service is designed to ensure that you have access to a variety of options that align with your personal style and preferences. The service is charged separately and the cost varies depending on the number of items you require. To make use of this service, please email us detailing your sourcing requirements, and we will work closely with you to fulfil your needs. This personalised approach allows us to cater to your specific requirements, ensuring a tailored shopping experience.

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