Welcome to Your Tailoring Experience at CCouture: A Guide to Getting Started

Hello and welcome to CCouture! We’re thrilled to have you join us for a tailoring experience that’s as personalised as your style. Before we dive into the world of fabrics and fittings, let’s talk about our unique online style session. It’s the first step in crafting a garment that’s exclusively yours. Here’s a friendly guide to what you can expect from your appointment and some FAQs to keep things clear and simple.

Before Your Appointment: The Online Style Session

Getting to Know You

Once you’ve booked your appointment, you’ll begin with one of our online style sessions. It’s a fun and easy way to share your style preferences, what you’re looking to achieve, and any inspirations you have. Think of it as laying the foundation for your custom tailored design.

Share Your Vision

Have some photos or ideas that capture your perfect look? You can upload these during the online session to give us a clear picture of what you’re dreaming of.

Explore and Experiment

Prior to your session you’ll be asked a range of questions that allow us to truly understand you and how you’re wishing to look and not to worry, if you have no clue that’s even better as that’s what we’re here for- to help you look empowered in a way that’s authentic to you. We want to offer you a vision of yourself you haven’t yet realised and this is the exciting part.

Our online session allows us to get to know one another prior to securing your tailoring appointment whilst showing you what we’ve prepared for you from the questions you’ve answered and the person we can see on screen. You can read about our online style sessions here. 

During Your Appointment: Let's Bring Your Vision to Life

Personal Consultation

Our talented tailors/stylists will sit down with you to go over your online session responses. This conversation ensures that we’re all on the same page and focused on creating tailoring that reflects your individual style. We will have suggested the pieces to start with approved by yourself and then book you in to be measured and choose fabrics.

Precision Measurements

We’ll take detailed measurements to ensure your garment fits you perfectly. It’s all about creating something that feels as good as it looks.

Selecting the Perfect Fabric

With your online preferences as our guide, we’ll help you choose from our selection of high-quality fabrics. Finding the right material is key to bringing your vision to life. We have a full range of fabrics for your tailored designs and will be on hand to advise you on the best fabrics for your needs.

Finalising the Details

Together, we’ll decide on all the finishing touches, from buttons to linings. These details are what make your garment truly unique.

After Your Appointment: The Creation Process

Crafting Your Garment

Our expert tailors will start creating your piece, paying close attention to every detail and stitch. It’s a process that we take great pride in. This first stage takes between 8-10 weeks.

Fitting and Adjustments

You’ll come in for a fitting session to see your tailoring fully made. If any adjustments are needed (they generally are as we like to achieve the perfect fit), we’ll take care of them within 1-2 weeks (this time is included in the 8-10 weeks not in addition to)

The Big Reveal

At your final fitting, you’ll get to see and try on your completed tailored look. It’s always a rewarding moment for both our team and our clients.



From your online style session to your final fitting, the process typically takes between 8-10 weeks, depending on the complexity of the tailoring.


Costs vary based on the service, design, and materials chosen. We provide a detailed quote during your consultation to ensure transparency that you will approve and sign. 


While the session is virtual, women’s tailoring principles are integral to our recommendations. We suggest styles and cuts that would best fit and flatter your body, akin to bespoke tailoring. We will also advise on the styles of tops and accessories to wear for your body shape that also fall outside of tailoring.

We will alter our CC designs only and not from other brands. 

No worries! Just let us know at least 24 hours in advance, and we’ll happily find a new time for you.

Be Seen The Way You Deserve


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